What's the best business/finance newspaper (or magazine)

What's the best business/finance newspaper (or magazine)

What's the best business/finance newspaper (or magazine)
What's the best business/finance newspaper (or magazine)

The Economist: Probably the best major news magazine available in my opinion. Packed full of content. Doesn't dumb down economics and economic theory the way most major American publications do. Doesn't waste my time with useless full-page pictures like Time/BusinessWeek/Newsweek do or equally useless feel-good, appeal-to-emotion type stories (essentially non-news). Even the classified ads are interesting to read, as some of the positions advertised there are awesome (and I didn't even know jobs like them existed).

International Herald Tribune (IHT): Not strictly a business newspaper, but it's truly global and covers many countries that would never even be mentioned in most major papers other than the Economist. Regular exclusive commentary from leading economists like Jeffrey Sachs, Joe Stiglitz, and others, talking about global markets, not just a couple of countries. They also cover stories that other papers seem to miss entirely. Perhaps this paper wouldn't be that interesting for someone born, raised and working in one country for basically their whole life. But for medium- to long-term expats it's great.

Harvard Business Review: Not really a news magazine, but it is relevant for business and is of the highest quality. Stories are based on new original research, and analysis goes far beyond quarterly results or announced deals (microeconomics, game theory, evolutionary economics, innovation systems, management thought, and ideas -- loads of ideas.)

WSJ: I used to read this because it was free at my university. The news coverage is pretty good, but the editorials and comments are horrible (seem like they are written by the PR departments of certain governments). Weekend edition can be pretty good though. I don't read it anymore because I think FT provides more depth.

My choices for best business/finance/econ reading. . .

1) Economist
2) WSJ
3) NYT/Dealbook
4) FT

5) Bloomberg

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