What Mass Media Is Best For Your Advertisement?

What Mass Media Is Best For Your Advertisement?

Business owners are all trying to do one thing, get customers. In a world full of advertisement it's difficult to know which media outlet to use in order to advertise to potential clients. To help make this easier I'd like to cover what exactly mass media is and the different outlets you can choose from.
What IS mass media? By definition, it includes any means of communication which reaches large amounts of people. That's a fairly broad term which can make it all the more difficult to choose a method on which to advertise. This term was coined back in the day when radio and television were these crazy new inventions, but now that the World Wide Web exists, the options are seemingly endless.

Let's start with the basics.

Publishing Media is the "original" form of mass media, in other words PRINT. This includes newspapers, magazines and books. Most are probably thinking "books?". Although they may not be a popular form of advertising, they do help to get messages out to the masses so in this case they are considered a form of mass media. Printed newspapers are dwindling in popularity but still a violable option for advertising, especially to older generations who still appreciate their morning newspapers. Magazines are a great option if you have a specific target audience. For example if you're selling fishing equipment, selling in magazines which focus on outdoor activities would be your best bet.
Broadcasting Media came about when radio and television entered the technology line up. Radio and television are known as two of the most renowned inventions of the 20th century. Radio changed the lives of people everywhere, enabling them to hear news from across the world and then television let them see it. Broadcasting media is still by far the most popular form of media advertising today.
Electronic Media is the media form your children are probably most familiar with. This includes things like computers, cell phones, and of course the INTERNET as well as some "older" technology such as cd players and tape recorders. Not surprisingly the internet is by far the most popular method of electronic media. Social media pages as well as search engines thrive off of money made from selling advertising spaces. These sites also offer benefits like being able to specify who you want your advertisement to be aimed at such as a certain age group or people with a common interest.

When deciding which outlet would be most beneficial for you company think about your audience. Are they an older generation who may be most easily targeted by newspaper ads? Or are they tech savvy teens who would be on their phones 24/7? Be sure to pick not only the correct outlet but correct "channel". By this I mean if you're going to advertise your new lip gloss product in magazines, don't do it in Home and Garden instead, try magazines like Cosmopolitan or Seventeen, somewhere where your audience will easily be reached.

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