What All Business Owners Should Know About Media Buying

What All Business Owners Should Know About Media Buying

Media buying, from conceiving the strategy to coordinating with vendors, is an important part of a business' marketing plan. Having a solid marketing plan is the most crucial point of advertising for a brand. The first steps include the following:

- Conceive the campaign. The marketing team must come up with a variety of ideas in order to effectively communicate the message for the brand with a campaign. 
- Strategic planning. Next, the marketing team will need to focus on how they will execute a plan through developing a strategy. It refers mostly to the distribution of the message through available channels, such as television, print, radio, social networks, and so on. 
- Coordinating with vendors. After the strategy has been finalized, the next item on the agenda is to contact different vendors that relate to the brand to see what they can offer to the campaign.

Next Step: Vendor Meetings

Have meetings with each vendor to see what advertising slots they have available. Pricing should also be negotiated at the meeting. After the financial and logistical negotiations are complete, focus then turns to the artwork. There will need to be different yet cohesive items for different uses within the campaign. The media buying team should decide on the appropriate scale and other variables.
Once the artwork has been generated, it will need to be sent to the vendors with detailed instructions. This will prevent any confusion and ensure that all instructions are followed. A digital advertising campaign can be simpler to navigate since the deadline typically is not so tight.
After the advertising materials are complete, it is crucial to go through them with a fine-tooth comb. Look for any errors so that they can be fixed immediately. It is very important to locate any issues in the posting before it goes to print for the public.

Why a Media Team is Useful to a Brand

The media buying process can be long and arduous, especially if it is not the primary job function of the person working on marketing campaigns. That is why it can be very beneficial to utilize the expertise of a professional media team to handle all of these steps.
There should be only one point of contact. Rather than juggling a full workload with the additional phone calls, meetings, and planning that this process entails, a dedicated professional can be a single point person to handle the process, making it much smoother and streamlined.

Media buying teams are experts at what they do. They have established relationships with vendors over many years. Understanding the media buying process is crucial to the success of a campaign, whether the success is measured with online traffic, leads generated, or any other metric.

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