The focus of SEO Onpage will be help?

The focus of SEO Onpage will be help?

To be ranked on the first page of search results on the Search Engine like Google, we tend to measure the strength of back links. If a link back to our web site with a lot. Thousands of global domain. Our website will rank better. But when it comes to SEO Tools have helped to build up back links automatically cause Google to lower the priority instead. Where there is a link from the Web from many more domain. A link to a site where a lot of multiple domains to rank abnormal hair loss. By now going to focus on high quality links back to the domain. The site will rank better. However, it must see that our Onpage appropriate one. Not only is the quality of the links, the Web page will rank first over.

SEO Onpage: Title

The first is that Google attaches great importance to the "Title" Title I like the title says a short sentence that summarizes the content we are about. If we do teach baking in the Title page should have taught about the baker to baker to bake anything like that, we usually write the subject was already an SEO standpoint it. It's common for us to write a story about anything. Subject that is often associated with it. But when the latter has narrowed the field of SEO and Google could not imagine that people would do, how crazy it might be overlooked. Formerly the site of SEO black if we do not sell products. Whatever product you are selling is what the SEO will not focus on keywords related to the product. It will focus on the keywords that people search a lot.

For those who keep up the popularity of Google early've probably seen some. Time for sports games may have come across a Web site selling washing machines or anything like 18+ to be included in search results. These web pages are ranked first in the keywords that are not relevant to the subject of the web itself. Because they use the Anchor Text (Thailand is known as link text) that time, Google cares a lot about the Anchor Text, because it indicates that the site is a link to a story about what it is. If a sales machine, but Anchor Text is a lot a result, Google is seen as a site with stories about the clearance. But I do not see it because Google will also see the Anchor Text Title and contents of the Web that it was consistent or not. If the line Anchor Text keywords relevant, it also results in good time. But if it is not relevant Our website may be banned if you do a lot of volume.

SEO Onpage: Description

When a subject and then be content. Content is equally important. These service providers for SEO, many people have debated this issue quite a bit. Some would say that the content should be longer than 1500 words to be beneficial. The longer the better some would say just 300-500 words is sufficient. And he is said to have been supplied with a 20-30 word's top-rated Web sample to another. For this The authors have seen no less Voted 1-3. On the first page of search results. But then no content at all. Sent out a link to the web. Ultimately, we may not need to do that, the content is much longer. But to do that, users have to read to him much. If useful Users often want to share it further them. But without the benefit would not want to share.

This point is quite important in SEO today if we keep observing sites ranked first page of search results on many keywords. We often find larger sites will often rank it first. Almost did not make it a matter of Offpage Kapook, Sanook or web news. But right now, but I see it as Pantip Pantip web pages ranked by how people have come to see their own comments. But he was not content He was less certain But overall it is a good rank. Of course, the ratings factor in SEO is to have regard to the number of pages shared via social networking expert. We should write stories that are useful to the reader. In order to be shared by males who came to tell your own use. Do not share your own thoughts to sit spin. If one day we have a page up, I would not share them sit spin, of course. Write good content then it's natural to be perfect.

SEO Onpage: Domain and URL

A domain name is no less important. Because domain names are not just names only. It is a telling snapshot of the Web site that about anything. Many, however, to name the Web as their own brand, of course, Google does not know what to do about this brand is brand new. But if you do so. Our website will be processed correctly by the mechanism of Search Engine People who do little. To focus only on Do not brand name It should be named keywords related to the content of our web site. It tells a good relationship even more. Rather than focus only Title and Description.

Part of me wants to do on each page by naming the url of the page that it should be set to the relevant clause. Before this point, we do not, but I do popular Web CMS has enabled this functionality already. Between the first growing the second growing /women/bag/ think you'll see that it's relevant to the case as well. Surely that must be the second I have hidden your word in Women with and then see how it makes a bag of women, especially the url that is good, two is considered as part of the Search Engine bots that collect data. And the users who come to shop. Because it is easier to put the url again.

Really, it also has many of the same in terms of SEO Onpage but if we can do all three of the above has been completed. Perhaps most of all, we hardly need to do it. Post told the story clearly Quality Web Content Readers Share Our site will grow naturally; it should be your own SEO results will come in well indeed.

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